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Insurance Planning


How do you pay for a college education, protect business interest, or fund a comfortable retirement? A foundation built on a comprehensive suite of life insurance, disability income insurance, and investment products offers values, protection and performance. Based on your investments objectives and risks tolerance, we can help you determine what investment products and services may be suitable for you including annuities, mutual funds, variable life insurance products, retirement services, 529 plans, corporate, government and municipal bonds.

Life Insurance:

You can use life insurance to leave much needed income to your survivors, provide for your children's education, pay off your mortgage, simplify the transfer of assets, or make gifts to charities. It replaces wealth lost due to expenses and taxes that may follow your death. The funds provided by life insurance can also help you avoid a forced sale of family treasures and enable beneficiaries to obtain fair value for a family business.

Life Insurance might be thought of as something you do for your beneficiaries. At NPC Financial, we believe life insurance can help you live well now - and feel very secure about tomorrow. The longer you own it, the more valuable it becomes. And as you build other assets over time, your life insurance program will provide a solid foundation and allow you to use and enjoy those other assets more effectively.

Disability Insurance:

Many of us don’t want to think about struggling financially because we’re unable to work. Yet it’s a possibility, especially since disability is a common problem, and many people don’t have adequate savings to support them for an extended period of time.

If you become too sick or injured to work, disability income insurance can help replace your income and maintain your standard of living. Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America is one of the leading providers of individual disability income insurance.

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